Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm Jeanne, I'm fourteen (15 in march!) and I live in Brussels, Belgium.
I've kept this sketchbook/diary for about a month and it's probably the best way to introduce myself.
These aren't all the drawing/texts, they're the least personal ones...

The 'shtinky boyzz'-pic is from a National Geographic article about 'beautiful (teenage) brains' . I rediscovered this NG issue a little while ago and it was great to have some scientific proof of what's happening in the somewhat crazy-going head of mine. The guys on the pic aren't texting, they're filming each other getting beat up. 
The picture on the right was the first drawing in my sketchbook. I drew her on the first day of winter break. I had this kind of empty and light mood. Lana Del Rey-vibe i guess. 

I quit Facebook! I felt amazing after doing that (I drew the facebook drawing, like, the day after leaving it, because I thought it would make me someone who people'd forget). Fb was such a big deal in my life before, I constantly had to proof to people that i was cool. I was just an insecure teen trying to get self-esteem out of likes. That's not the right way to make yourself feel happy. I think not being on facebook gives me so much extra time to draw and get good grades and stuff. It's a huge step in my life, seriously!
I drew the other drawing after singing 'Get Lucky' in front of my entire school.

I'm having these super long discussions with a friend about posting stuff and narcissism and Instagram and Tumblr. I'd really like to get back to that topic on Neophyte.

Just to remind you that I'm 15 (almost.).

See you soon!